Sustainable Scrunch was created by myself, Charlotte, in early 2020 and officially launched March 5th 2020. I started Sustainable Scrunch with the intention to give kiwis an option to shop differently (and feel good about it!). I was frustrated with the overpriced polyester scrunchies in mainstream shops that just didn't last. So I set out to create scrunchies that were both a quality and stylish product. Within a few months I had found the perfect scrunchie formula and was ready for launch.
Sustainable Scrunch values sustainability and quality and we aim for our products to be loved for many years to come. We create scrunchies that are both kind to the Earth and your hair. Each product is handmade right here in Nelson, New Zealand.
We value the environment just as much as we value our customers, and for each product sold we plant one tree in an area of need. Giving back to the environment is a core value of Sustainable Scrunch. Most of our scrunchies are also made from left over fabric from designer brands, saving this fabric from likely ending up in landfill. We use natural materials for our scrunchies, no polyesters or plastics around here. You can read more about our sustainability here.
We are always aiming to become a more sustainable brand and would love to have you follow our journey with us.