5 Reasons to make the switch to scrunchies.

Welcome! This is our first official blog post on sustainable Scrunch, we are here to look after your hair and the Earth! As you can see we are giving you 5 great reasons to make the switch to scrunchies.

Firstly I'll start by saying I only made the complete switch to scrunchies at the beginning of 2020, before this year I would wear the occasional scrunchie because how cute are they?! Now, I understand the benefits of wearing scrunchies too, so let's get into it!

1. They don't cause breakage.

That's right, compared to the standard hair tie, scrunchies are far softer on your hair. This is due to the layer of fabric between your hair and the elastic. I have tried many hair ties and no matter what they snag at my hair and pull it out. Scrunchie fabric should be soft and glide over the hair and not pull and tug. 


2. They won't leave kinks. 

My hair ties always left kinks in my hair. Once I tied it up it had to stay up for the whole day after that. With scrunchies, I can tie my hair up and take it back out with no kinks. That extra layer of fabric next to your hair acts as a barrier and dramatically reduces lines on your hair.


3. They take a bad hair day and turn it into a good hair day.

This ones great. When you feel like no matter what you do to your hair it just doesn't look good, there will be a scrunchie to fix your problem. Having a work meeting but your hair's having a fit? Put your hair into a low bun with a scrunchie like the image above and you're sorted. Don't have time to wash your hair right now? Slick it back into a pony tail or bun with a scrunchie and you instantly have a cute hairstyle that nobody will question.


4. Scrunchies are less likely to cause headaches.

That's right, I know i'm not the only one who has had headaches from regular hair ties for hours. Scrunchies are softer on your hair and do not cause headaches like a regular hair tie does. 


5. They're harder to lose. 

I'm sure this point is worth being in here. I have only ever lost ONE scrunchie and that's because it fell out of my handbag in the streets of Italy (which was highly unlikely to happen). However, I cannot count how many hair ties I have lost or given away to friends! The amount you invest into one scrunchie is surely less than you would spend on the packets of hair ties you are more than likely going to misplace or 'loan' to a friend. This may just be my opinion but I'm sure many of you can relate to this!


If I haven't convinced you to make the switch to scrunchies yet then I may need to start working on another blog post! For now, I'm sure you can agree these are certainly great benefits for your hair's health and your fashion sense. Scrunchies are back and cuter than ever. 

If you're looking for more scrunchie facts, hairstyle ideas, information or inspiration check out our Instagram page here @sustainable_scrunch. Thank you so much for reading through our first blog post, looking forward to bringing you more soon.

With love, Charlotte x